A little about us


My name is Sabina and I live with my family in the south part of Sweden. More exactely in the small town Hässleholm.

The family is me, my husband, Jörgen, and our two girls, Nea and Nadine. Exept for the humans there are also four dogs, Oxo, Mishi, Jena and Obelix and some cats.

In my family there has always been dogs. My first own dog was a Golden Retriever called Tessie. She passed away, 14 years old, in autumn 2005. I found kooikerhondje looking for a not so common breed. The kooikerhondje seemed to fit what I was looking for in temperament and all. Our first kooiker was Kenya. We bought her in 2002. Oxo was born in Holland and we got him in april 2005. Mishi was also born in Holland and we got her in july 2007. Jena is also from Holland and we got her in April 2009. Obelix came to us in december 2011. He was born in Schweiz.

We are also shareowners of  Trixie, Molly, AquaNova, Zenta and Chanel.

In autumn 2005 I got my kennelname, Ayarip´s. I wanted to breed and the first litter born at the kennel were born the 28 february 2008. The second litter came not long after the first the 3 may 2008. The third litter was born the 7 december 2009 and the fourth in may 2011. We are waiting in eager to see what the future brings.

 Are you intrested in buying a puppy look here: Puppies to come


This is me, Kenya and Oxo 2006